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My Story


Those words have guided every choice I have made since then. They are the reason I answer "I don't" every time someone wants to know how I write songs. I don't write them. I receive them. They are God's gift to me. They are His songs sung to me. 

The message in these songs is one of love, pain, sacrifice, joy and truth. It is His love, His pain, and His sacrifice that is sung. He hurt for my hurts. He cried for my tears. He fell because I would fall. 

This is why the title of my first album is With God. It represents the moments He was with me. Even when I didn't feel anything, He was there singing to me. 

I hope and pray God is able to sing to you through these songs. The experience of recording, sharing and witnessing His message is one I would do over and over again. He has so much to offer this world by His love, and I cannot wait to share more. 

The most common question I get asked is "How does it happen? How do you write a song?" My answer? I don't.


My musical journey began at age 4 with piano lessons. Needless to say, God was quietly entering my heart from then on. I have many memories of being deeply moved in church, and others of sitting at the piano with my grandmother, learning to appreciate hymn texts and music.  

It wasn't very long before I was learning to pray; taking quiet moments to talk to God. Then one day, something happened that I, in my wildest dreams, never thought would happen. God spoke back. I was 12 years old, and had been sitting alone when I heard a voice say "Alicia, through you my song will be be sung." 

To be completely honest, I cried for 3 days after hearing those words. I didn't know how to respond. It was beautiful and impossible all at the same time. I heard that call two more times that year.

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